Frequently Asked Question

The most common questions about how our business works and what can do for you.

What is a vCard? A vCard is an electronic (or virtual) business card format for the Internet. It stores your contact information such as emails and phone numbers and much more. vCards can be read by many programs and email clients such as Microsoft Outlook.
Why do I need a vCard? vCards are the best way to share your contact information with your clients and friends. It helps people add you to their address book with one mouse-click. You can attach it to your emails, upload it to your website, or even send it over a cell phone.
I’m running into a problem, how do I contact customer support? Oh no! We’re sorry you’re encountering an issue. If you can’t find the answer in this FAQ page, you can fill out a form on our Contact Us page or email us at If you already have a ContactSAYA account, we recommend contacting us from within the ContactSAYA—this will allow us to have your account information available while reviewing your request.
I found a bug! What should I do? If you found a bug, please fill out a form on our Contact Us page, or let us know at and we’ll do our best to get it fixed right away.
Can I change the email associated with my account? You can change your email address in your ContactSAYA Settings. Remember, the email address associated with your account is used for logging in and for all ContactSAYA communications.
What is the ideal image size and resolution for my photo? The ideal image size is 1024x1024. Less than 1MB of size.